Picking The Right Flowers

You have so many decisions to make when you are planning a wedding.  Finding the perfect venue…. choosing the perfect menu…..picking the right dress.  One of the decisions that has a dramatic effect on your wedding design is the choice of flowers.  This can be such an overwhelming decision because they come in so many different types, shapes, and colors.  How do you choose?

One of the best decisions I made when I planned my wedding was meeting with the florist and letting them know the flowers I didn’t like, the shape/ color hues I wanted the centerpieces to be, and a general budget I hoped to stick to. And then I let them do the rest.  That is right…I didn’t tell them what flowers had to be in my bouquet…I didn’t tell them the exact colors for my table décor….I let them guide me, they are the expert.  Imagine if you let them have creative reign with small guidance from you? You are going to have décor that they are passionate about and does not look like every other wedding that is on Pinterest.  Make your day memorable and about you, not what you see in every bridal magazine.

Our sister company, Butler’s Pantry Design Studio, has done an array of wedding bouquets that are a perfect reflection of each bride. Check out a few of the bridal bouquet designs they have recently done.

So remember…

*Meet with a florist that you have researched and like their work.
*Give them small guidance of what you do and don’t like.
*Let them be the EXPERT.

Best of luck with planning!

Written by Bridget Bitza
Vice President of Sales & Catering


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