Jazz Up Your Buffet

Butler’s Pantry Design Studio, who is owned and operated by our exclusive caterer, Butler’s Pantry, has a solution to elevate any event’s look. Take buffets for example. Who wants to see a boring buffet at an event? No one! So, make sure to add some color, some décor, but most importantly, some height. Adding height really makes the buffet look nicer and much more interesting. In order to achieve this, you need to use some sort of riser to put a few of the dishes on to make them higher than the others. These new risers, chosen by Butler’s Pantry Design Studio, look amazing in the Coronado Ballroom. The color really matches all of the gold in the ballroom, and the open woven design is really light and airy, instead of a heavy metal.

You can also call on the Butler’s Pantry Design Studio to help you come up with fun ways to arrange your buffet and find an infinite number of amazing decorative risers! They have so many to choose from that you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Here are a few examples of the way we use fun risers to make our buffets really stand out.

For outdoor or more casual/rustic events, using wood planks or wood risers can give off a very calm and natural feel to your event. You can add to this look by using other outdoor materials, such as bricks, greenery, flowers, and straw to decorate your buffet.

Creative dessert displays are all the rage right now, so make sure yours is one of the best by using all different heights for each item!

So next time you are planning on having a buffet at your event, think about using different heights to make it stand out and look much nicer than your basic buffet! And remember, you can always call Butler’s Pantry Design Studio to help you out and provide the risers for you!

Written by Caroline Behan
Event Coordinator


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